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Whatever happened to Priest – Superfly?

June 23, 2007

Ron O’Neal died of pancreatic cancer in Los Angeles in 2004.

Known to a generation of blaxploitation filmgoers as Youngblood Priest, the drug-dealing antihero of Superfly (1972), O’Neal was one of those actors in the rare (but perhaps unwelcome) position of instantaneously attaining icon status, even before he managed to attain a real career on screen.

As the years passed Priest lost all the long hair and settled down to making spot appearances on television and in the movies. He was a proud brother who will known as Superfly.  From time to time I see the still fine Sheila Frazier in commericals. She was one of Superfly’s lady friends.

 Girl friend is still smoking today!!

Sheila Frazier, a virtually unknown talent, catapulted to superstardom upon the release of the 70’s Blaxploitation classic, Superfly. Frazier’s “Georgia”, was best known as the irresistible love interest of Superfly himself, actor Ron O’Neal. She rode the Blaxploitation wave by appearing in the Superfly sequel, as well as Three the Hard Way and The Super Cops.

NOTE:  Only days after I conducted the interview with Frazier, she contacted me to give me the news that Ron O’Neal had passed away. Said Frazier, “Ron O’Neal died last night. My heart is so heavy I can barely handle it. Thirty-two years connected by our movies created a bond that will always exist.”

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  1. April 2, 2009 9:01 am

    Super this feature on ron oneal and shelia frazier was fabulous i think we should start a blaxplotation web site world wide to honor this era in history

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