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Was Atisone whacked?

August 9, 2007


From Bossip:

Update: Maybe Mel B. got the message, she canceled her interview today.

Mel B. will put Eddie Murphy on blast on CNN’s Larry King tonight. Hopefully, she doesn’t get her wig split like this tranny did back in 1998. For conspiracy theories on what happened to this tranny, click here.

Allegedly Eddie Murphy had a team of private investigators follow the tranny before he died and it is rumored he used a private investigator to catch Mel. B cheating before their break-up. Just to be safe, Mel B. better hire some security.

Atisone Seiuli aka Shalimar (born Saoaumaga Atisone Kenneth Seiuli July 6, 1976April 22, 1998) was a transsexual involved in a widely publicized Hollywood scandal when she was arrested in the car of comedian Eddie Murphy in 1997.  Seiuli’s (Tranny in the Bossip post) celebrity status lead to several professional gigs; after appearing in a pornography film, she discontinued her street prostitution work and became the “House Madame” at the illustrious Los Angeles nightclub 7969 where she performed erotic routines as a dominatrix with live snakes. Hollywood personalities such as actress Demi Moore and actor Charlie Sheen reportedly attended her shows.

According to some of her friends and family, Seiuli received death threats during this time period from Eddie Murphy fans who believed that she was tarnishing Murphy’s reputation for her own personal gain. This reportedly had a significant negative emotional impact on Seiuli, who began traveling in isolation and under various pseudonyms as a result.  April 22, 1998, a woman walking her dog found Seiuli’s body, clad only in lingerie, on a sidewalk outside Seiuli’s Los Angeles apartment building. Popular rumors circulated that her death was a conspiracy orchestrated by Eddie Murphy, who hired an assassin to kill her as a cover-up. However, no evidence has surfaced to support this claim. A final autopsy report concluded that she died from severe head trauma and multiple fractions suffered during an accidental fall. The coroner’s report stated that she died after being locked out of her fifth floor apartment; she tried to swing from the apartment’s roof to an open window using a towel. Grisly details about her death, such as fingernail marks on the outside of the building and a facial imprint left on the sidewalk, were reported as well.

Be cool Me B – you are going to get paid. The Donkey will send you the dust.

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